SEO Services Canada Reveals How Google+ Might Be Used to Enhance Reviews of Goods and Services

SEO Services Canada-WMP Tip for This Week

Website Marketing Pros your SEO Services Canada would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this week regarding reviews of goods & services in Google + listings.

Can Google use social media, like Google+ to improve the quality of reviews it shows for products and services? Google does like to show reviews to searchers, possibly because many searchers ask for reviews.

A Google patent application published in June explores and discusses analyzing reviews, and creating quality scores for reviews from social media content and other review generated content.


Imagine leaving a review of a business or a product at Google, and it asking you if it could used any related social media content about that product or service that you may leave at a place such as Google+ (it does mention Google+ specifically) to augment your review. That’s the focus of this patent application.

Do people leave reviews of places or products and then talk about those places or products on a social network? If so, this patent describes a process that does some social listening to see how well social commentary a person leaves might match up with a review that they publish.

Before the patent describes that, it tries to put the review process into context for us.

It tells us that many reviews appear on the Web, which are offered by many content providers, with an aim of assisting people to evaluate products or services they may buy. People researching products or services might use a search engine to look for reviews and sort through them. Reviews are a mixed bag. Some reviews are helpful, some can mislead, some may be paid reviews, for some the reviewers may have little or no experience with the things being reviewed, or some reviews may be contrary to the reviewer’s actual feelings.

On the other hand, it then tells us that in social media, many people comment about products and services. Often statements made on social media are typically representative of a reviewer’s true sentiment about a product or service. The patent points out that in social media and other platforms, with user consent, they have analyzed social media content to assess information about products or services.

So, the focus of this patent is to give searchers access to online social media generated content about products and services that have been reviewed.

It also explores a way of using that social media content to assess the quality of reviews in an online review platform. This means accessing the reviewer generated social content associated with the reviewer.

WMP your SEO company Canada sees the importance analyzing the content in any review.

The reviewer generated content includes information about a product or service posted outside of the review platform, like on the social network.

This method includes analyzing the reviewer generated social content to extract product review data and matching the product review data with the review provided by the reviewer in the online review platform.

A quality score may be created for the review based on product review data that may be extracted from the reviewer generated social content.

This quality score is intended to provide a measure of the consensus between the product review data extracted from the reviewer generated social content and the review that they may have left.


The patent is:

Assessing Quality of Reviews Based on Online Reviewer Generated Content


Invented by:


US Patent Application 20150178279


Published June 25, 2015


Filed: May 31, 2013



Systems and methods for assessing the quality of a review submitted to a review platform are provided. Reviewers that submit reviews may desire for their reviews to be more prominent or to be assigned greater weight by users of the review platform.

According to aspects of the present disclosure, reviewers can optionally enrich reviews posted to an online review platform by associating a quality score with the reviews. The quality score for the review can be determined based on the reviewer’s commentary regarding a product or service in a social media setting or in other settings.

Reviews posted in an online platform can be prioritized based on the quality score such that reviews consistent with other reviewer generated content are more prominent. Indicia indicative of the quality score can be displayed in conjunction with the reviews such that reviews that are consistent reviews are more readily discernible.

Kelowna seo stresses how Google can use social media analysis, review matching as well as considering quality scoring in their review process.

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How Boat Dealers Can Show Off Their Expertise In the Media

Your Marine Sanitation Device Weekly Tip

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Raritan Engineering Company your marine sanitation device specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how boat dealers can show off their expertise in the media. Branding, skillful positioning and story development. This sounds like C-suite board meeting however every dealer should be considering these topics too.Because as barefoot waterskiing champion, coach and commercial skier Zenon Bilas said, “Once you’re known, you’re known.”.


He said despite the field, you must be viewed as the most knowledgeable individual in the area.


“You’ve got to be the guru of whatever you’re doing,” said Bilas. “You want to be called the place to buy a boat.”.


Your sewage treatment plants specialists agree with Bilas, who routinely receives local, national and international TV coverage, stated creating brand recognition by means of the media could drive a brand much better than conventional advertising and marketing ever could. Reaching individuals in their homes while they’re engaged is priceless. You can find more information as well as get assistance on this topic and marine sanitation devices at


Drumming up coverage, however, takes a little bit of legwork or a good network.


The first thing is locating the story. TV stations, local papers and local magazines are often starving for a fun angle or intriguing interview.


“For your business, you want to think about what’s interesting about yourself,” said Bilas. “But that’s tough for some people.”.


He said that even people that avoid the spotlight have an interesting story.


“I think everyone has a story,” stated Bilas, noting that a friend or family member may have a different perspective and can help find that story.


The second step is locating coverage. Sales-focused industry individuals might find this component very simple.


“I contact them individually,” stated Bilas.


A simple phone call or email to a producer or editor is in some cases all it takes. As a former journalist, Bilas said he knows all too well the struggle of a slow news day.


Your boat cleaning products expert suggests that if that doesn’t work, leveraging that network may open more doors.


“Look for people you already know who might be connected– somebody knows somebody,” stated Bilas. “That’s the best way to get in; unless you have a good PR agency, the best way to get in is look for someone who knows someone on the inside.”.


Once those wheels are greased, a fast pitch or informal presentation can keep things moving.


Despite the story, after that it’s looking the part of the professional; which will be easy to business owners in the industry. Oh, and don’t forget the logo.


“I’m very conscious about my logo,” said Bilas. “I wear it on my shirts, so if I do a TV segment, my logo is right there. It gives you added value to any promotion you do.”.


After the interview, company profile or fluff piece, ensure you hold on to that coverage.


“The first thing I did was I’ve kept my history,” said Bilas. “So if I want to show my longevity, I can show them a link from when I was on TV back in ’87. Showing it to you is 100 times stronger than saying it.”.


Take an afternoon and consider all of the various things your business does a little differently– odds are a hungry journalist will think it’s interesting too. Bask in the free exposure and demonstrate your professional status to all those potential clients that might tune out traditional advertising and marketing. So don’t forget these helpful reminders on how you can show off your expertise in the media….1) work at keeping your brand strong; 2) be mindful of skillful positioning; and 3) don’t underestimate story development in your articles. Click here for more information on how boat dealers can show off their expertise in the media, marine sanitation devices, sewage treatment plants, and boat cleaning products. via Show your expertise in the media via Team Profile: Ben Ainslie Racing


Facts You Need to Know Why Bold Tags Won’t Help Raise Ranking

Your Vancouver SEO company’s weekly tip.

Website Marketing Pros your pay per click advertising specialist would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding some facts you need to know why bold tags won’t help raise ranking.Now, SEO communities have been playing with the concept of giving bold tags to as many keywords as feasible in the idea that doing this will enable them to rank better. Having said that, we understand that this particular method is viewed by Google as being Keyword stuffing. Therefore, we have performed an experiment in order to reveal the effects of stuffing bold tags into keywords, even though the keywords density is low.


Our team will be using RankReveal for the ranking tracking throughout this specific experiment. SEOpressor is going to be used to reveal bold tag over-optimization indication. The experiment began on 10 June 2015 by utilizing the real article “7 Nifty Ways To Boost Your YouTube SEO”.


On the 10 of June 2015, the following changes are made to the article:.


Transformed all bold tags to strong tags.


Your internet marketing Vancouver company has these suggestions for you….Stuffed strong tags into the all Keywords till the SEOpressor plugin Over-optimization. Warning goes off when the on page tags are over-optimized.


The article “7 Nifty Ways To Boost Your YouTube SEO” is ranked 64th for “YouTube SEO” Keywords on 10th of June 2015 (Event D). But on 11th of June 2015 (Event E), as we expected, this article experienced a quick ranking drop to 84th due to the on-page tag changes. You can find more information as well as get assistance on this topic at


On the 15th of June 2015, our team chose to revert the article “7 Nifty Ways To Boost Your YouTube SEO” back to its initial form. “Voila”! On 16th of June 2015 (Event F), the ranking went back up to 63 once again.


Interestingly, another article, “6 Valuable Lessons To Avoid Google Penalty” composed by the exact same Writer, experienced a considerable position drop from number 20th to 51st on 10th of June 2015 (Event A) for the keywords “avoid google penalty”, about the exact same day that the ranking for “7 Nifty Ways To Boost Your YouTube SEO”dropped. Both articles possess no significant relation to each other other than the fact that both were written by the very same author.Reputation management Canada company has this tip to pass on…Coincidentally, on the very same day of 16th of June, 2015, when the rank for “7 Nifty Ways To Boost Your YouTube SEO” climbed back to number 63rd, the ranking for the article “6 Valuable Lessons To Avoid Google Penalty” rose back to 25th as well. (Event C).


What We Learnt from This specific Experiment.


Bold or strong does not matter:- We do not think that changing Bold tags to strong tags affected the rank drop, because as Matt Cutt mentioned, “There is absolutely no difference between bold and strong in SEO.”.


So, we believe altering the bold tags to strong tag is certainly not a significant contributing factor for the drop in rank. (Please keep in mind that this is different from stuffing bold tags).


Be Careful about your author markup:- This is not a coincidence that both articles experienced a drop in rankings around the exact same time. It is undetermined whether Google will lose rankings for all articles by the same author if it determined that one article of the Author’s is perceived spammy material.


Having said that, it could be said that there is a high possibility that Google is keeping an eye on “class=”author-time” or “Brian” markup as an indicator to identify a spammy author.


According to Bill Slawski in one of the Google patents, he does mention that Google does take Authorship as an indicator. If one of the content is altered to become spam material, Google will definitely penalise all the writer’s content.


Say “No” to Spamming bold tags:- Google is not taking the spamming of strong tags lightly based on above observations from the study demonstration. Stuffing bold tags will lead to rank drop for sure. This is specifically true if you customize indexed web content in order to improve ranking. Therefore, any adjustment of indexed web content ought to be done only if it’s a refreshing text, for including high quality sections or for adding quality outbound links. So don’t forget these helpful reminders about why bold tags won’t help necessarily help raise your ranking, but could in fact damage your ranking quickly. Click here for more information on facts you need to know why bold tags won’t help raise ranking. via 25 Posts to Inspire Independent-Spirited Writers Everywhere


4 Helpful Tips for Repurposing Posts As Videos

blog posts to video

Your Website Design Denver Weekly Tip.

Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions your website design Denver company would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 4 helpful tips for repurposing posts as videos. Your Denver web development company knows that writing blog posts can be hard work. The image here shows idea for re-using that content – starting with blog information you can end up with slides for a presentation which in turn become video.

Stage one – is it worth converting blog posts to video?

Not all blog posts should be re-used. Personally, I’d recommend only converting slides which

  • Took a lot of research effort compared to the amount of output you got from that work
  • Are reasonably long (video shortens delivery time to people a lot of the time)

Stage two – creating slides

blog post to video snake image Start by breaking your blog into ‘conceptual slides’. That (more or less!) implies that your default idea should be a slide for each paragraph. As a presentation skills trainer I encourage clients to have very little on their slides in terms of words and up to a point that is still true for movies. You can find more information as well as get assistance on website design Denver topics at This is, brutally, because people don’t have you there to keep their concentration. All they have is content – which means there needs to be more of it! blog post to video stats Video also sucks the energy out of slides, so consider ways to make them ‘high energy’. Don’t just use bulleted points. You need to keep things moving to increase the energy. For example:

  • If you have bullet points fade them in one at a time as you talk over them
  • Think about using images to increase the emotional content
  • Animations are a godsend!

Take, as a very simple example, you’re talking about some kind of processes with stages: instead of listing the stages consider icons or images to represent the stages and then animate the movement of something through those stages. Remember that to keep the tempo of your video moving, too. That means you can’t have nearly as much information on any slide.

Stage three – creating movies from your slides

Your Denver web development solution recommends these other helpful tips. Firstly you could buy some decent video software and import your images as slides. Record you audio as a voice-over once you’ve got the slide durations sorted out. You’ll need to re-re-re-re-record this, so don’t be afraid to set aside far more time than you think you need. Secondly, you can record things inside PowerPoint (PPT). PPT allows you to run your slides as though you are presenting live and to record a voice-over. Whatever you do, I recommend an external microphone. At the top end of the spectrum you can buy a dedicated podcasting microphone but if you want a mid-range compromise, buying a simple headset with an attached mic work nicely. Consider adding background music. Make sure that just like for the images you use, you own the rights to include the music!

Quick tip – whatever software you use, make sure you use ‘auto-ducking’. This means that when you start to speak, your background music is automatically dropped in volume (typically to about 40% but you can modify this if you like).

Stage four – get it out there

The easiest option is to put it on YouTube and that’s the de facto standard (not least because it’s owned by Google and is being increasingly integrated by them into their other products) but it’s not the best. Whatever hosting you decide on make sure you

  • Get their help and tips on how to embed your videos on your own Facebook pages, blogs etc
  • Take the time to create and upload a bespoke thumbnail image.

What’s the latter for? It’s so you can decide exactly what static images linking to your video look like – for example on sites that link to it. This is where I put my videos to share when I don’t want them on my ‘real’ channel. Notice that three of the four videos taken of me with an iPhone all show thumbnails of me with my eyes closed! So don’t forget these 4 tips….1) It IS worth converting blog posts to video; 2) create effective slides; 3) create movies from your slides; and 4) get them posted immediately. Click here for more information on 4 helpful tips for repurposing posts as videos, website design in Denver, and Denver web development.×54874710 Helpful Tips For Repurpose Posts as Videos


Freshwater or Saltwater Pumps? Stats Reveal All

Your Marine Hardware Product Weekly Tip

Raritan Engineering Company your marine hardware supplier would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regardingPressurized Freshwater Systems


The freshwater pump


Freshwater pumps provide water to fixtures onboard a boat. Pressurized water systems make life onboard more pleasant by providing water “on tap” for dishwashing, showers and various other applications. The intricacy of installing and maintaining one will depend on the number of outlets and accessories you choose.


Precisely where they are used: On all boats bigger than runabouts and day-sailers, fresh water on board is both a convenience and a requirement. The freshwater pump is at the center of the delivery system which ensures a continuous supply to the fixtures in galley, head and shower.


Qualifying Questions


Do you really want on-demand water supply?


Let your marine water heater company help you with some advice on this topic. On-demand pumps have a pressure switch that makes the pump build up pressure in the fresh water line. Any time water is required and the faucet is opened, a flow of pressurized water will be available. The pump turns on to preserve this pressure as required. By comparison, manual pumps have no pressure switch, and must be switched on by hand (via an electric switch) prior to when the water is needed.


How many outlets does the pump need to serve?


Freshwater pumps are frequently described by how many outlets they can supply (“for 2-3 faucets”). Extra taps or fixtures in the system might cause a decrease in flow capability, erratic flow, or extreme pump cycling if several were “open” at one time.


How much capacity do you want?Pumps will generally be chosen by how many gallons per minute (gpm) they can pump, and/or by just how much pressure they can create. The freshwater pumps we provide have capacities between 1.1 and 11 gallons per minute. A few general standards for sizing the pump:


Number of fixtures


Recommended gpm




Up to 3.0 gpm.




Up to 4.0 gpm.




More than 4.0 gpm.


Do you want an electric or a manual pump?


Some pumps make use of electricity to operate, and others use muscle power. But almost any type of pressure water system should possess a freshwater and/or saltwater manual pump and spigot as backup. Electrical pump failure should not remove your accessibility to fresh water.


Do you want to pump both fresh and saltwater? Many galley pumps can not be utilized with saltwater, because salt is going to damage the valves and seals or corrode internal metals. Nevertheless, to conserve freshwater, especially on small vessels with minimal tankage, you might wish to utilize saltwater for dishwashing. A preferred technique utilizes a bucket for the very first wash cycle before rinsing the clean dishes with freshwater, either in the galley sink or using the deck shower system. If you want to pump both fresh- and saltwater, select a saltwater-capable pump. You can find more information as well as get assistance on a boat water heater at


Where would you mount the pump?


This question determines whether you need a self- or non-self-priming pump. Non self-priming pumps need to be installed at or below the water level, so water is already in the pump chamber. They can force water uphill against gravity. Self-priming pumps can be situated above the water level, since they can draw the water upward to them whenever they are turned on.


Exactly what type of electrical system does your boat have?


Is it 12V or 24V? We offer several pumps for both. Amperage draw varies by capacity, however the 24V model of a given pump might draw approx. half as much current as the 12V equivalent. NOTE: Starting amperage draw may be considerably more than operating draw. See individual product information in the Master Catalog.


Which port size do you need?


Greater capability pumps will possess port sizes of 3/4 or 1″ to enable even more flow. Some shower pumps provide multiple port sizes in between 3/4″ and 1 1/2″. Otherwise 1/2″ NPT ports are typical on freshwater pumps.


What to look for.


The significance of multiple pump chambers: Additional chambers typically imply smoother operation, along with less pulsation, in diaphragm pumps.


Variable Speed: New variable speed pumps offer a noticeable enhancement over accumulator tank systems. They change the speed of the motor to deliver the precise quantity of water wherever it is needed. There’s virtually no lag time, and there’s no drastic distinction in pressure if two or more faucets are open simultaneously.Rated gpm: Gallons per minute. Explains the pump’s output under ideal (open flow) conditions. This does not take into consideration head height, friction in the system and other elements which will decrease output. For most boats, high gpm pumps may not be a benefit, especially if the fixtures only permit a restricted amount of water to flow.


Run dry capability: A few electric pumps could be damaged by running dry. This implies that the mechanism burns up or wears out when there is no fluid present. To avoid this problem, some pumps have “run dry” sensing units that spot a lack of water flow and shut off the pump to protect it.


Vibration dampeners make certain electrical pumps somewhat quieter, by absorbing some of the shock in the pump action.


A check valve is a mechanical valve which only permits water flow in 1 direction. It will also stop city water pressure (which is more than the pump can deal with) from going into the pump. Most diaphragm pumps have check valves built-in.


A pressure switch opens up the electric circuit to a pump (and turns it off) when the water in the system reaches a pre-set pressure, typically 35-60psi. It closes the circuit (and turns the pump back on) whenever the pressure falls below that point. It is the device that makes on-demand pumps work automatically.


The rest of the system.


Your boat water heater company recommends this…Freshwater Tank: We believe the finest tanks are made of thick-walled, high-density polyethylene, but versatile tanks can operate in an odd-shaped or inaccessible area. Tank size depends upon the space available and your requirements (anywhere from one to ten gallons per individual per day might be consumed). Ensure your tank’s deck fill has a snug seal and that your tank’s vent terminates the boat so your drinking water supply won’t be fouled by outside water.


Hose: Most pumps and fixtures are developed for 1/2″ ID hose. Be sure the hose you choose can deal with 35-40psi and is made from FDA-approved (nontoxic) products. Hot-water hoses must be reinforced to withstand high temperatures.


Strainer: Any type of electric pump ought to be protected by a strainer or in-line filter. Water system and washdown pump manufacturers typically sell strainers which could be attached upstream from their pumps.Accumulator Tank: A sealed air chamber combined with a water reservoir offers expansion volume to reduce pump cycling from minor pressure modifications and provide a constant flow. Bigger tanks can easily store enough water to eliminate pump cycles when modest quantities of water are required. Up until a few years ago, this was the last word for functional pressure water systems aboard.


Freshwater Systems.


Municipal Water Inlet: Simply by connecting a drinking-water-safe garden hose in between a municipal water inlet and a faucet on shore, you’ll possess a constant source of pressurized water at the dock without ever having to fill up the tank or run the pump. To protect and isolate your pump and accumulator tank from possibly damaging high pressure, set up a one-way check valve as revealed in the diagram.


Water Heater: The water heaters we carry can be run at the dock by AC power or underway by getting heat from your engine’s cooling water. Also a small, 6-gallon heater is enough to offer hot water for washing dishes or taking a short shower.


Faucet/Shower: Showers, whether in the head or out on the swimstep, can greatly improve your quality of life on board. Higher capacity pumps with big accumulator tanks will provide the most home-like shower. When including an interior shower, it is required to possess a shower sump so you don’t satisfy up your dry bilge with slimy water each time you shower.


Final notes.


Add a water system purifier to your tank periodically in order to inhibit the growth of algae. The clarity of your water will improve and your system won’t grow a permanent green lining. Boat owners that venture far offshore should think about adding a watermaker to their freshwater system. Use high quality hose and hose clamps and examine the whole freshwater system frequently. Sailboat owners ought to consider putting in a siphon break in the drain lines of sinks, or turning off sinks’ thru-hulls when not in use. It’s feasible to heel over to where the sink is below the waterline, establishing a siphon that can flood the interior of the boat. So don’t forget these beneficial stats on what type of freshwater or saltwater pump you need for your boating needs. Click here for more information on Marine hardware, marine water heater, boat water heaters. via Top 10 List From Kiel


15 LinkedIn Sales Triggers You Can Use to Your Advantage

Your SEO Company in Canada Weekly Tip



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Website Marketing Pros your Canada SEO Company would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 15 LinkedIn sales triggers that you can use to your advantage.


via 100 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Social Media What is the key to social selling success? The answer may not be as difficult as you think. The key to social selling success is to fish where the fish are. But you do know what to do when you get a nibble on the line?

We already know that there are more than enough customers willing to “bite” on an intelligent insight, but many sales professionals do not understand the social sellings signals. Their missed quotas, management excuses and intrusive and brand-centric emails are partly related to connecting with the customer at the wrong time with the wrong message! You won’t lose quality with our Canada SEO Services Company. Here is just some of the research that we have found extremely beneficial.

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s So Important To Pay Attention To Social Selling Triggers

  1. Get on their buyer’s journey radar
  2. Nurture a relationship with a prospect, who is not ready to make a decision
  3. Accelerate the sales process by adding value with content and insight

The biggest insight from this research is that your customers consistantly use social media and expect to engage with one of two groups of people – either with you or your competition! You can find more information as well as get assistance on this topic at But the big question is, do you know when and how to engage potential customers with your network? Do you understand the sales triggers giving you the permission to connect? An SEO company Canada would like to share these LinkedIn Sales Triggers with you.

Recognize These 15 LinkedIn Sales Triggers To Help You Achieve Social Selling Success

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is viewed
  2. You receive an invitation to ‘LinkIn’
  3. Contact accepts your invitation to ‘LinkIn’
  4. Contact changes a job
  5. Contact gets a promotion
  6. Contact has a birthday
  7. Contact has a work anniversary
  8. Contact is mentioned in the news
  9. Contact updates something in their profile – photo, summary, etc.
  10. Your LinkedIn blog post is liked
  11. Your LinkedIn blog post is shared
  12. LinkedIn blog post is commented on
  13. Daily update is liked
  14. Daily update is shared
  15. Daily update is commented on

Do you really understand how to use your expertise and reputation to hook into the buyer’s journey? Customers provide 15 social selling triggers. Pay attention to them to you know when you can begin to ‘reel in the fish!’ So don’t forget those simple reasons why you need to recognize those sales triggers……and you’ll be successful. 1) Get on their buyer’s journey radar 2) Nurture a relationship with a prospect, who is not ready to make a decision 3) Accelerate the sales process by adding value with content and insight.

Website Marketing Pros providing SEO Services in Canada was happy to share this important social media update with you!

Click here for more information on how LinkedIn sales triggers can be used to your advantage.

via 30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers


10 Awesome Things to Remember When Reaching Out to Consumers

Your Vancouver SEO Company’s Weekly Tip



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Website Marketing Pros, Canasia, your best web design company would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 10 awesome things to remember when reaching out to your consumers. Its time to remind the leaders of marketing departments that they’re consumers, too and as such they need to care about consumers and the business they bring to the bottom line. In other words they need to remember they are people, too. You won’t lose quality with our Kelowna website design company. And so we give you this question to ponder over….How many times do you think a given consumer thinks to himself/herself “I wonder if my favorite retailers really care about me and my business.” More often than you think. Ask yourself this question Mr. and Mrs. CMO: Where in the hierarchy of priorities is the customer? Executives at some of the worlds most recognized brands have been heard saying this:

  • “I will tell the customer what to like.”
  • “They don’t know what they want.”
  • “I don’t believe in research.”

This mindset influences every way in a customer experiences a brand and underscores the fact that most retailers give the customer little consideration when developing strategy, product, pricing, marketing plans, etc. You can find more information as well as get assistance on this topic at Neglecting to put the customer first will ultimately damage a brand, it’s credibility, relevance, attractiveness, growth and profitability. They will experience a slow decline until they are no longer relevant and desirable. Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs CMOs: Read the next section from the perspective of a consumer, then ask yourself if you/your department are guilty of any of them.

  1. Customer view. They don’t know who you are. You are a frequent buyer who buys more than a couple of times every year – yet you are not recognized as a valued customer (i.e., part of a loyalty program, given special perks or enrolled in a frequent buyer program).
  2. Poor or average customer service. Lackluster, non-responsive, customer service support (in store and online). If customer care service isn’t positive and a great reflection of the brand – you most likely will lose her business.
  3. Outrageous shipping & handling fees. Some retailers make as much if not more money off of shipping and handling as they do off of the product they sell. Fair shipping and handling fees are needed.
  4. Poor inventory management. Not carrying your size or consistently running out of your size or promotional items.
  5. Asking for input. They don’t frequently ask how they are doing or what can they do better. Worse yet, when given feedback they do nothing about it.
  6. Clueless sales staff. Their store sales associates have no idea who you are although you frequent that store.

Your Web Design Vancouver Company recommends giving these questions some thought. Are you guilty of any/all of these Mr. and Mrs. CMO? If you were a consumer, what would you do? You would probably let them know that you need to see a change — a greater focus on you ‘the customer’ or you will switch to another retailer who really values your business and makes you their number one priority. So don’t forget those 6 important reminders when reaching out to your consumers, 1) think of the customer’s viewpoint, 2) the importance of customer service, 3) keeping reasonable shipping fees, 4) keep better track of inventory, 5) asking for input, and 6) keep your sales staff well informed. Click here for more information to help your company “reach out” to your customers. via Why CMOs Need To Remember They Are Consumers, Too